What Is Note To Self?
Note To Self is a project I started when I realized how many pieces of scrap paper scrawled with notes I had covering my home computer, my work computer, my backpack, etc. And of course, I never had the right stuff with me when I needed it. So decided to create an online "database" for my notes. That way, I could store them up on my server and access them from work, home, friends' houses, internet cafes, and so on. After I got that working, I added some bells and whistles like categories and multiple users. But in a nutshell, this is just a handy tool for keeping all your little post-its, notes, and more in one centralized online place.

What do you use it for?
Golly. Tons of stuff. Here's a small list:
  • payment details for ebay auctions I've won
  • Movies that have been recommended to me
  • Movies that I've seen and need to remember to add to my foreign movie review site
  • Unix and linux troubleshooting tips, distro notes, bookmark lists
  • All the contacts made during job-hunting
  • Frequent flier numbers for quick access when buying tickets online
  • Funny stories sent to me by friends and family
  • Reminders of classes I want to take in upcoming semesters
  • Keeping a list of well-rated wines to track down
  • A place to store all the research I put in when comparison shopping for anything
  • yadda yadda yadda (I mean, I've got like 130 notes on mine at the moment)

  • Supports multiple users - each person has their private collection of notes with one install
  • Converts URLs to hyperlinks - handy for making "bookmark" or "favorites" pages
  • Notes can be sorted by title, date modified, and size in either ascending or decending order.
  • Uses MySQL database to store indexes of notes and categories. The data itself is kept as flatfiles.
  • Only empty categories can be deleted, to prevent a user from deleting notes unexpectedly. It's easy to move notes from one category to another; just edit each one, switch its category, and save it.
  • Will be used as a framework for other "PIM"-like functions: has room for a calendar or task/todo list at some point

System Requirements
I've got mine running on a SunOS server with Apache, PHP 4.3.2, MySQL 3.23. I'm sure it will work on nearly any *nix variant with similar packages.

Well, okay... here:

How do I get it?
Easy. It's in the file section of SourceForge. Current version is 1.0.0

And whose fault is all this?
Umm. Mine! If you have any questions or want to help with the project, let me know. The README file included in the package talks about the state of the project and what needs improving in it.

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